NOVATION NETWORKS is a privately held, Veteran owned and operated company founded in 2012 by wireless industry entrepreneurs, whose primary mission is to give back to those who dedicated their lives to our country, by providing a training and career path they can follow upon military release. We understand the challenges a Veteran faces upon entering today’s work force; and we understand wireless infrastructure technology. Combining these two disciplines, we provide the necessary training, guidance and career assessment needed to prepare applicants for future success and advancement.


With the trained and prepared Veteran workforce, we serve the strategic goals of our clients’ 4G & 5G infrastructure efforts, by deploying wireless broadband networks, services and programs. In addition, we work closely within under served communities, evaluate the communication needs within that community, and leverage partnerships with industry leading service providers, to bring improved quality and speed into surrounding areas.

Working in the wireless industry is our profession. Serving this great nation’s Veterans is our passion. Every day we count ourselves fortunate to bring our passion into our profession, and we won’t ever stop!

We focus heavily on career and employee development to build confident, passionate, successful representatives and leaders.


TECHNOLOGY has revolutionized the way consumers shop and interact with brands – in store shopping isn’t as necessary as it used to be. Novation believes the most successful companies of the future will know how to best meet consumers wherever they are – at home, at work, at play. To accomplish this technology needs to be ready.

HISTORYOur leadership team has extensive experience across the full cycle of wireless technology networks, products and services. Our focus and mission is to help clients accelerate and manage the adoption and use of wireless services and solutions, while providing a more user friendly experience for the end user.

We train our work force to provide this connectivity like never before, accomplishing two very important tasks – employing our Veterans while connecting America!